Audit & Assurance

We conduct attestation of Financial Statements and integrated audit service as part of our Audit and Assurance Process. We work with clients to improve financial reporting processes and to comply with Accounting Standards, Audit Assurance Standards and the various provisions of applicable laws. We take pride in tailoring our approach to meet the particular needs of our clients. We recognize that to deliver a truly quality financial statement audit, we must look beyond the accounting entries to the underlying activities an operations that give rise to them.
Our Audit Department delivers on a timely basis a full range of valued added assurance services:
  • Statutory Audits (Private and Public)
  • Tax Audits and Internal Audits
  • Inspection and Investigation Audits
  • Reviews and Compilations and Attestation Services
  • Establishing and Reviewing Internal Control Systems
  • Corporate Governance Compliance
  • Interpretation of Indian Accountancy & IFRS
  • Management & Operational Audit
  • Book keeping and Accounting Services
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