Transaction Advisory Services

We gain an understanding of your purpose in making the acquisition. We help you discover the risks associated with your target. We consider local and cross border tax issues. We clarify potential integration problems and help develop an integration plan. We look for purchase price latitude and help you structure an optimal bid. With our understanding of your short and long-term goals, we can identify potential accounting, tax and reporting issues to considering structuring the transaction.
Our Transaction Services includes:
Pre-Deal Evaluation
  • Identifies key risks and potential deal breakers
  • Analyze target's strengths and weaknesses against industry benchmarks.
  • Evaluates potential investment in context of you existing business.
Transaction Evaluation
  • Gathers, analyses and interprets financial, commercial and tax information in detail.
  • Serves both Buyers and Sellers
  • Analyses Past and Current Performance Patterns
Structuring the Deals
  • Analyze acquirers current position and commercial objectives.
  • Evaluate tax and exchange management regulatory framework to achieve desiredinvestment level.
  • Determine most favorable accounting and tax treatment.
  • Provide inputs for drafting key agreements.
Assistance in Negotiations and Managing the Deals
  • Discussing the Valuation
  • Negotiation of Financial Terms
  • Outlining Preferable Terms
  • Briefly describing tax and accounting consequences of each proposal.
  • Suggesting counter proposal alternatives
  • Attending and assisting in all negotiating sessions leading to a transaction
Prospective Reporting
  • Evaluation of the preparation, underlying assumptions and presentation of the prospective financial statements
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